Jazz-trio MVM  

The idea of foundation of a jazz trio that would play gypsy style initially belongs to the guitarist Mikhail Egotubov. During the year of 2005, Mikhail has performed, along with another guitarist, Victor Nikishin, as a guitar-duet. All that time Mikhail and Victor kept searching for a musician who would share their passion for gypsy jazz. The violinist Maxim Shrayber, who joined the band in summer 2005, was exactly the person Victor and Michael were looking for.

In December 2005, MVM (the initials of the musicians first names) performed for the fist time in its current format. At first, the repertoire consisted mostly of popular jazz tunes and several pieces composed earlier by Mikhail Egotubov. It is important to mention that Maxim Shraybers joining the band prompted Victor to compose. During the first year Victor has composed more than two dozen new pieces that now form the repertoire of the trio. Today, the trio has expanded the boundaries of the primary chosen gypsy jazz and the musicians perform their original pieces in various styles.

In their concerts, the trio welcomes the audience to enjoy the exciting sounds of Spanish Flamenco, jolly Country, enchanting violinist melodies and even Jazz-Rock. The fact that MVM doesn''t use rhythm-section (bass and drums) allows the musicians to successfully grasp a wide spectrum of styles in their original pieces and makes them profoundly unique. Vast professional experience of each member contributes to a great extent to the whole and harmonic sound of the ensemble. The trio is full of new and original ideas and many pleasant surprises await their audience in the future concerts.

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